Smart Parking

Metalpress Smart Solutions specializes in advanced smart parking systems for parking garages.

The company installs and operates QuickPark (“Red ‘n Green”) systems, which help drivers to quickly locate available parking spots in parking garages and in surrounding areas. These systems use ultrasonic detectors, advanced controllers, LED signs, control software and a dedicated server by TCS of the QFree Group, the world leader in this field. Metalpress Smart Solutions is the country’s largest installer of these systems, and its products are installed in most malls in Israel, including the Ramat Aviv Mall and the Givon Parking Garage in Tel Aviv, the Seven Stars Mall in Herzliya, the Avnat Mall in Petah Tikva, the Rehovot Mall, the Grand Canyon Mall in Beersheba and many others. Currently, Metalpress Smart Solutions is installing a QuickPark system at the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv.

The company’s parking division also offers smart ventilation systems for parking garages. Metalpress Smart Solutions is the only company that offers a comprehensive solution for optimal system design, production and installation at the customer’s site. The composition of the ventilation and smoke evacuation systems supplied by Metalpress Smart Solutions varies from building to building, depending on the specific design and architecture.

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