• Looking for a ventilation and smoke management system for a parking garage?

• A system for a warehouse or industrial space?

• An efficient, advanced and effective solution that complies with all safety standards?


Green Vent is the most advanced system of its kind for ventilation and smoke management in parking garages, warehouses and industrial spaces.


The system functions efficiently, performing each of its operations at pre-defined times, in accordance with the settings determined by the parking garage manager as well as with CO-level alerts that it receives. The system routinely removes gases that accumulate in the structure and circulates clean air. In an emergency situation the system responds automatically, rapidly removing smoke according to pre-defined parameters, and injecting clean air into the structure.

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The Green Vent system minimizes costs beginning at the installation stage, as it eliminates the need for traditional air ducts. This feature gives the parking garage or industrial space a clean and aesthetic appearance, without bulky ducts or fans, and enables the system to be installed even in parking garages with very low ceilings. The system’s method of operation provides ongoing savings in energy consumption and operational costs. Its pre-scheduled functions guarantee continuous airflow and acceptable carbon dioxide levels throughout the structure. In addition, the system offers centralized control and synchronization of additional systems in the structure: lighting, air conditioning, fire alarm, electricity, communications and more.


Green Vent Platinum


Take all the advantages of Green Vent, add our smart parking system, and you get the optimal solution for a safe, highly advanced parking garage. The integrated system provides additional energy efficiency and convenience.


1. Individually-identified wireless CO sensors: The system monitors each individual sensor and can calibrate each one independently. The sensors are wireless, and therefore contribute to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

2. Touch panel: Offers precise control over the entire system, more convenient than the traditional selector switch. 

3. Smart digital control panel: Enables the system to link to and synchronize with any other system in the building. Provides more flexibility compared with analog control panels.



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