Here to help you breathe easy

For over 30 years, Metalpress Smart Solutions has been helping millions of people feel safer and more comfortable at home, at work and at play—thanks to our ventilation systems, smoke control systems and advanced parking solutions. Wherever Metalpress Smart Solutions’ systems are installed, in Israel and around the world, people breathe clean air of optimal quality. In an emergency they can count on having smoke-free escape routes, enabling them to evacuate quickly, and providing firefighters with safe access. Metalpress Smart Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for ventilation and smoke removal, as well as smart parking solutions. Our services cover optimal system design, production, and full system installation, tailored precisely to the needs and requirements of each customer.

 The result

Competitive prices, high quality of service, cost savings, and energy efficiency, all in full compliance with the stringent requirements of fire safety authorities in Israel and abroad, standards institutes, and Israel Standard 1001.

 Expect the best

Our customers expect the best solutions, and we aim to meet that challenge. As a company that not only thinks outside the box but creates the box itself, we strive to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our customers with a variety of initiatives, products and groundbreaking solutions, which position us as one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of ventilation, smoke management and advanced parking solutions. In each of our projects we work closely with architects, planners, engineers, contractors and project managers, because we believe that collaboration is crucial to ensuring excellent results.

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